Diving Woman Japanese Breakfast Bass

I found this song going down a Spotify rabbit hole. It quickly became one of my favorites. Check out this band and this groovy bass line!

1Diving Woman Bass Guitar
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Excerpt from an interview in Fader magazine with Michelle Zauner from Japanese Breakfast: "Michelle pops out to acquire a large can of Sapporo, from which she pours my glass first. She’s been antsy since an incident with a sound guy during sound check, and surrounded by other diners’ conversations and dizzyingly fragrant food, she gets into it.

“I have so many friends in this industry, so many women who play music, who are gonna play these same rooms and work with these same kinds of people. They need to know who is not good. I know it’ll ruin their experience just as much as it ruins mine.” She chatters, in the half-laughing throwaway manner of someone who’s dealt with much worse but knows she shouldn’t be used to it, “I’m so sick of people making me feel like I don’t know what I’m doing when I have done this pretty much every other day for two and a half years.”

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